The Easiest Way To Sell a Limited Quantity of Anything 

ClaimSpace helps you manage your inventory, let people claim one with payment, and show who has already signed up.

Create Inventory Across Multiple Levels


Embed Your Space on Any Website

Sell Out Quicker

Simple Payments + Social Proof

ClaimSpace is the simplest way to set up your limited inventory and let customers reserve their spots with ease. Our visually intuitive platform not only handles payments seamlessly but also showcases who has already signed up, creating a sense of community and urgency.

Set up Your Space

Quickly decide how many tiers or levels you have and how many spots are available in each level.  You might have 5 platinum level and 10 gold level sponsorships available for your conference.  Or your event might have an upcoming event with 12 available spots.  No matter how many levels and how many spots you have, ClaimSpace helps everyone visualize what’s available. 

Embed Your Space Anywhere

Once you build your space, you can embed it on any website or landing page.   Our WordPress plugin makes it easy to use on any WordPress site and we’ve got video walkthroughs for other popular platforms.  Or if you prefer, we’ll just do it for you at no cost. 

People Claim Their Space

Once your space is live on your site, ClaimSpace handles the sign up and turns them into social proof.  The spot that used to be available now shows a logo, a picture, a name, or a banner.  It’s a simple and visual way to manage your sales and leverage participation to drive more decisions.


Event Organizers

Event organizers who need a quick way to manage sponsorships.  If you’ve got five platinum, 10 gold, and 20 silver sponsorships, ClaimSpace makes it easy for you to visualize availability and sell out quickly.

Cohorts or Masterminds

People who run cohorts or masterminds where there is a limited number of spaces available. Once people sign up, the available spot becomes an avatar or name, letting everyone know who else is participating and that spots are going fast.


Nonprofits who are looking for a creative way to engage donors.  ClaimSpace works great as a fundraising tool – simply set up your space and let people claim an opportunity.

ClaimSpace is one of the most versatile payment solutions on the market with hundreds of use cases.  Bobby and his parents use ClaimSpace to manage a summer lawn mowing business. Church Bundle uses ClaimSpace to offer 6 marketing campaigns a month to their partners.  Hudson’s golf team used ClaimSpace to reach their donation goal in weeks.

ClaimSpace Features

Comprehensive Inventory Management


 Whether you’re selling physical items like equipment, rooms, or vehicles, or virtual assets like digital services and time slots, ClaimSpace showcases your available inventory.  It’s super easy to manage and visualize what’s available.

User-Friendly Reservation System


Your users can instantly see what’s available, and if you choose, who else has already signed up.  Our system updates in real-time to ensure seamless reservations and prevent double-bookings, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

Integrated Payment Collection


ClaimSpace integrates various payment methods, making it convenient and efficient for users to pay during the reservation process.

We integrate with the popular software you already use…

What Our Customers Say

Event Organizer

“ClaimSpace revolutionized our event planning! Managing sponsorships has never been easier. Our sponsors love seeing their logos instantly appear once they reserve a spot. The real-time updates ensure transparency and efficiency. Highly recommend!”


“ClaimSpace has been a game-changer for my online sales. The ease of managing limited inventory and allowing customers to reserve and pay in one seamless process has boosted my sales. It’s straightforward and affordable—exactly what I needed!”


“ClaimSpace streamlined our equipment rental system like never before. Members can see what’s available, reserve it, and pay all in one go. The transparency and simplicity have significantly reduced our administrative burden.”

Let people claim their space now.

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