Each and every student deserves to encounter the epitome of the college experience.

TruFlicker fosters student empowerment by nurturing self-assurance, promoting authenticity, and fostering vibrant engagement in impactful interactions throughout the campus community.

Empower Student Achievement

Introducing the sole narrative-driven assessment tailored for college students, merging the power of science with personal storytelling.

As students transition onto campus and into adulthood, they bring with them a tapestry of experiences that have shaped their identities and behaviors.

The TruFlicker assessment harnesses these narratives of triumph and growth, alongside over five decades of behavioral data and scientific inquiry, to unveil their unique Motivation Code (MCode) — revealing what propels them to excel and thrive. Not only does TruFlicker enable students to:

  • Take command of their educational journey and academic pursuits.
  • Embrace the myriad opportunities offered by your campus.
  • Assert their worth, engage meaningfully, and take decisive action.
  • Seize control of their career trajectory and shape their future.

Elevate the effectiveness of your First-Year Experience Programs by offering students enhanced clarity and direction.

Entering campus life for the first time, away from home, and faced with pivotal decisions about their academic paths, first-year students often grapple with overwhelming feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. TruFlicker enhances the effectiveness of first-year experience programs by empowering these students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, enabling them to embrace their potential and navigate their journey with newfound confidence.


Achieving peak performance

When students are driven by motivation, they fully commit themselves. The combination of motivation with a clear sense of purpose and a defined path is the key to achieving excellence, success, and fulfillment.


Optimizing its potential

When students actively engage with the abundance of opportunities and resources provided by your campus and programs, they discover a sense of belonging and joy.


Reaching their peak

When students strive for excellence and make meaningful contributions, they experience a heightened sense of purpose, accomplishment, and satisfaction.


Thriving at its peak

When students wholeheartedly recognize their worth and are acknowledged for their authenticity, they become invincible, eagerly anticipating each new day with enthusiasm.

TruFlicker transcends the conventional bounds of a mere personality test or career assessment.

Students encompass more than just their skills and strengths; they defy the labels often imposed by conventional assessments. The reality is, even when students utilize their strengths in alignment with their personalities, they may still grapple with a lack of enthusiasm for their pursuits.

The crucial element that often eludes such assessments is motivation—comprehending the underlying reasons behind their strengths and what propels them to engage, excel amidst adversity, and attain success. This is precisely what renders the TruFlicker assessment invaluable.

Elevate campus-wide student engagement

Assist students in gaining deeper self-awareness, understanding their thought processes, and identifying their needs, enabling them to discover their niche within the campus community and flourish.

Prepare students for success beyond their college years

Utilize motivation-centered insights to align students with their purpose, ignite their enthusiasm, and pinpoint the most suitable majors and career trajectories for them.

Enhance the return on investment (ROI) of the college experience

Maximize the transformative influence of college by fostering profound personal development and involving students in meaningful and fulfilling activities.

The combination of science and storytelling yields promptly actionable outcomes.

In contrast to traditional personality assessments and career aptitude tests, TruFlicker begins by delving into students’ narratives and inquiries about their experiences within those narratives. Drawing upon over 60 years of validated scientific methodology and insights gleaned from over one million achievement stories, the assessment unveils each student’s distinct Motivation Code or MCode.

Introduce the TruFlicker assessment

As a TruFlickerpartner campus, you have the opportunity to offer our 30-minute assessment to your students. It serves as an ideal complement to first-year experience programs and new student orientation initiatives.

Revolutionize the advising process

By leveraging the TruFlicker report, which is shared with both students and their advisors, actionable insights are swiftly provided regarding the student’s identity, motivations, priorities, and optimal majors and career paths.

Foster personal development and self-assurance

Our student guidebook guides individuals through the practical application of their results in various domains including leadership, decision-making regarding majors or career paths, conflict resolution, communication skills, teamwork, and interview readiness.

TruFlicker opens the door to enhanced student satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness, resulting in elevated retention rates, improved graduation outcomes, and heightened alumni involvement.

Building strong connections between students and their campus experiences is essential for fostering long-term retention, successful graduation, career fulfillment, and sustained alumni involvement. TruFlicker provides campuses with a comprehensive approach to cultivating student engagement and success. By delving into the intricate layers of students’ motivations, decisions, actions, and emotions, TruFlicker helps campuses lay a robust foundation for holistic student development.

 TruFlicker’s methodology goes beyond surface-level engagement strategies to address the underlying “why” behind students’ behaviors. By understanding their motivations on a deeper level, students are empowered to navigate their academic journeys with clarity and purpose. Armed with this self-awareness, they are more likely to persist through challenges, seize opportunities for growth, and forge meaningful connections with their campus community.